Valentine’s Day DIY – Friendship Bracelet Valentines For School !

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day and this is the first year that my son has really picked up on it and asked what it is all about. After I explained the whole concept of Valentine’s Day to him, he really wanted to do something special for a little girl in his class and we decided to make something for the whole class instead.

I started to browse some ideas on Pinterest until I came across something I had long forgotten existed … friendship bracelets ! Do you remember them from your childhood and youth ? As a child I used to make and swap them with my friends all the time and can’t believe that I had forgotten all about them. We decided to recycle an idea that the lovely Danyelle from Dandee Designs originally had (back in 2010), although we changed it up a bit and gave it our own look…


It really didn’t take much to make these sweet and innocent Valentines, as I already had most of the materials for them around the house – I used embroidery thread and a very simple braid for the bracelets and  a tag punch and some sturdy paper for the tags. I then designed some smaller printable tags which we cut out and glued onto the colored tags. In case you don’t want to spend the time to make and design your own tags, ready-made paper tags can be easily bought anywhere from Etsy to Amazon and Danyelle offers a printable PDF file of her own tag design on her blog

Once we were done, Nick signed his name on the back of each tag, then we packed each one of them into a small paper sandwich bag and sealed them with some washi tape and stickers… TAH-DA, done ! Now my sweet little boy can’t wait to hand out his Valentines to all of his class mates tomorrow and I can’t wait to see their happy faces… 🙂

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  1. geraldine says:

    So sweet Bridgee. hope he managed to personally give it to the little girl he wanted to give the gift to. My little one isn’t so interested in girls, he just wants to play with the boys. they have this whole Lego Ninjago thing going. x

  2. Victor says:

    Super Idee. Sehr einfach und schön. Bravo !

  3. Cute idea, thanks for sharing! (via The Hive FB group) Best, Jenni