Toobydoo – New York Fashion For Kids !

Hello everyone, I am finally back with a brand new post for you today ! As some of you might have noticed, I adore dressing my two sweeties and love to discover new, still exclusive children’s brands that have not yet become mainstream. Being stranded in Munich after living in NYC is (as you can probably imagine) not always easy and I am holding on tighly to everything that reminds me of our time in New York and makes me feel like I am back home – after all, home is, where the heart is, right ?! Enter Toobydoo – this New York based kids fashion brand (for kids age 0 to 10) with their Hamptons inspired style is my newest discovery and it truly was love at first sight !


This year, summer in Munich is not exactly what I would like it to be so instead of complaining about the weather, I battle the rain and funk with some extra colorful fashion and Toobydoo is just the perfect match… I always love to look for upcoming trends in adult fashion and see them adapted to children’s clothing – just recently, I had noticed some great polos with contrasting details but could not  – for the life of me – find anything similar for kids until I stumbled over Toobydoo and their collection of classic contrasting polos for boys and  fabulous, vintage inspired dresses for girls. Their gorgeous patterns and bright, sunny colors are just what the weatherman ordered and the great news is that they have just started to sell a part of their wonderful collection here in Europe ! 🙂


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  1. This collection looks adorable. I hope the weather is improving for you since writing this, we are having a mini heatwave in Ireland, which is wonderful, and also means that with so many clothing stores thinking about Fall/Winter that there are quite a few bargains to be had on summer clothes.


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