The Berlin Boombox – Cardboard Meets Technology !

In recent years Berlin, Germany’s capital, has become Europe’s version of Silicon Valley and the hottest new tech hub for startups. So it’s not a surprise that an idea as simple, yet as cool and innovative as Axel Pfaender’s Boombox should come out of Berlin !

At the beginning of this year Studio Axel Pfaender was founded, a collaboration of Berlin-based designer and illustrator Axel Pfaender with producer Annie Heringer from Brooklyn. The Berlin Boombox is their first collaborative product development and it simply rocks !

The Berlin Boombox is a portable cardboard stereo speaker with built-in stereo amplifier. This design gem comes as a kit, consisting of a die-cut cardboard structure, all it’s electronic parts, and four AA batteries. It’s assembly is tools-free, takes only a couple of minutes and is generally so easy – even grandma could put it together…

You can use the Berlin Boombox with your iPhone, iPod or any other MP3 player – just insert your device in the “tape-deck”,  connect it via the 3,5 mm stereo jack and you are ready to party.

If you like this unique boombox as much as I do, you can pre-order it at but it will only be produced, if it receives enough funding. With only eight days left to reach their goal, you can help make this design happen through a minimum pledge of just 1 Dollar – it’s just that simple ! 🙂