New Year, New Memories – Introducing TimeCapsules !

Good morning friends, last night I was just sitting at my desk, randomly browsing Pinterest and letting my mind wander, when something really cute and unique caught my eye – TimeCapsules… The first thing that pops into my mind when I read the words time capsule is the image of an old tin box, full of tiny childhood treasures that my sister and I buried as little girls on a late summer day – this however is something else entirely !!

LittlestarblogTimeCapsule1LittlestarblogTimeCapsuleTimeCapsules is an amazing, fun and easy-to-use new design out of Amsterdam (because DUH – where else would it come from…) and as soon as I saw it, I just HAD to have one ! Every year, I am looking forward to New Year’s Eve because I crave change, a fresh start and the chance to reinvent myself, like other people crave stability. Well, every new year brings with it lots of new precious and exciting memories that demand to be treasured – what better way to capture those special moments in your life with than a time capsule ?!

LittlestarblogTimeCapsule2LittlestarblogTimeCapsuleThis ingenious, modern version of my beloved tin box comes as a set with a manual, a blank booklet, a gorgeous collection of stickers, magic tape, graphic wrapping paper, funky tags and last but not least a super strength sealing-strip. All you need to do is choose the occasion and add your own keepsakes ! TimeCapsules would make just the perfect gift for any special occasion such as a graduation, a new baby, an engagement or wedding and all those magical moments in between – don’t you agree ?


(images: timecapsule)