Littlestarblog Favorites – Sweet Paul Kids Isssue 2013 !

Good morning everyone and a happy Monday to you ! Today’s post is about one of my absolute favorite digital magazines at the moment – Sweet Paul Magazine. As it happens, NYC based stylist and uber-foodie Paul Lowe and the other creative minds behind the wildly popular magazine have just release their second ever Kids Issue ! Can the week start any better ?!

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As a mom of two I am forever fighting an uphill battle, trying to improve my family’s diet but unfortunately when it comes to cooking, I am not in the least bit creative… My toddler will only eat foods that have at least some kind of meat in them and my six-year-old son is a self-declared vegetarian foodie who loves vegetarian sushi and asks for new, exotic meals ALL THE TIME ! See what I have to work with here ?

Well, this is why the Sweet Paul Magazine is my secret weapon in the fight against food-boredom in an increasingly fast-food dominated world – I just adore their colorful, yummy and most importantly HEALTHY recipes and I love the child-friendly versions in the Kids Issue even more ! Now I don’t have to fake it anymore (my non-existent cooking skills that is) and can instead make it (and impress my demanding little foodie) ! 😉

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You know what else I love about the newest Sweet Paul Kids Issue ? Not only is it shock full of mouth-watering recipes for kids, but it also features new kids design trends, colorful toys, cool party ideas, inspiring interviews, great interior decorating advise (from the talented Holly Becker, no less) and easy-peasy craft projects for rainy days… Really, this little gem of a magazine has it all and in case you can’t afford to spend 18 Dollars on the gorgeous (and well worth the money) print issue – you can just go ahead and read their free digital version ! How cool and generous is that ?!


PS: If you happen to be German or live in Germany, take a look at the new German version of the Sweet Paul Magazine !


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  1. Igor says:

    Very cheerful & cute! Lovely issue!