Joyfolie Children’s Collection – Life Is But A Dream !

Hello all, how are you today ? It’s a rainy, dark, chilly winter day here in Munich and as I was hiding inside my cozy apartment, browsing some of my old blog posts, listening to some favorite songs and dreaming about moving to somewhere WARM, I had an epiphany and noticed that I haven’t written about fashion in a while. So without further ado – here is my newest find for you: Joyfolie and their stunning collection of shoes, clothes and accessories for little ladies (and their mommies). 😉

LittlestarblogJoyfolieAs you might know, I am the mom of a quite demanding mini-fashionista, whose passion for shoes, matching accessories and everything sparkly and pink absolutely drives me up the walls on many occasions. As a parent you do so many things out of love that you never in a million years would have dreamt of even contemplating before you had children (yes, I still think of my life as before and after kids !) and one of those things is indulging her love for fashion… Scouting new and unique designs has become second nature to me and Joyfolie‘s etheral and dreamy shoe collection for little girls immediately made me think of Charlie – thank goodness that she doesn’t have her own credit card yet, bless her little shoe-addicted heart ! lol

LittlestarblogJoyfolie1Okay, I’ll admit it – Joyfolie‘s vintage-inspired and playful designs made even my geeky heart beat a bit faster and I especially love their color palette and the fact that the whole collection features not only various shades of purple and pink (like so many collections for little girls do these days) but bold colors as well as earth tones !

LittlestarblogJoyfolie2I absolutely love the pattern, color, collar and apron of this little dress – it looks like something out of the 50’s and its rich, bold red color will look good with any hair color and skin type.

LittlestarblogJoyfolie3The faux fur and the loafers with tassels are my absolute favorites and I have the distinct feeling that they will soon find their way into Charlie’s closet  – they are just that irresistible… 😉

LittlestarblogJoyfolie4And then there is this pair of neon pink velvet flats with a matching cape… and of course Charlie just happened to pass by and look at my screen as I was working on this (I am looking at you Murphy!!) and I think I just died a little on the inside. Did I forget to mention that she has a very indulgent daddy wrapped around her tiny pinky ? 😉

(images: joyfolie)