Collaborative Consumption – How Mamikreisel Is Changing The World !

Have you heard of collaborative consumption ? If you are wondering what exactly this is, take a look at the newly launched Mamikreisel, for a prime example of an economic model based on peer-to-peer sharing, swapping, trading or renting of all kinds of items.

Founded by fellow mom of two, Günes Seyfarth and based one it’s wildly popular sister site Kleiderkreisel, Mamikreisel is an amazing online community of parents who are willing to mostly swap, share, lend, borrow or even give away baby and children’s items in order to avoid throwing away or buying  brand new things.

Günes Seyfarth’s new venture is such a positive example of how to make use of today’s new technological possibilities and the countless online peer communities for the better and using Mamikreisel is just like visiting your local flee market, only without the crowds, the necessity to rise early or the need to check the weather ! How cool is that ?!

As a mother of two, passing on a better world to our children than the one we currently live in, is always on my mind and I am grateful for every opportunity to make even the smallest contribution to this cause…

I am a big fan of  TED (Technology, Entertainment and Design), the private non-profit foundation and its global set of conferences about all kinds of ideas with the potential to change the world for the better. Only two years ago, I had the pleasure to watch the video of a Ted Talk given by Rachel Botsman, who together with Roo Rogers introduced a wide, international audience to the concept of collaborative consumption in their 2010 book What’s Mine Is Yours: The Rise of Collaborative Consumption.

Watch it if you want to find out more, don’t forget to take a look at Mamikreisel, while you’re at it and stay tuned for an upcoming interview with founder Günes Seyfarth ! 🙂

(images: mamikreisel)