What A Bubbly World – Lana Agiyan’s Bubble Baby Bed !

I am a huge fan of acrylic furniture so when I recently came across Lana Agiyan’s gorgeous and unique Bubble Baby Bed, I just had to blog about it !

Inspired by “the image of a baby, nestled in a cloud of soap bubbles”,  Lana Agiyan, a Russian children’s furniture designer based in St Petersburg, has created a beautiful and futuristic crib for babies up to the age of five months. The transparent acrylic Bubble Baby resembles the traditional Russian tumbler-toy “Nevalyashka” –  it can slightly rock to all sides but its plexiglass weight center always returns it to an upright position. This stylish bassinet also comes with a soft stopper, to prevent the bed from declining when the baby is already asleep.

To top it all off, the surface of the Bubble Baby features a child-safe, eco-friendly, innovative nano-tech coating which not only protects the acrylic from scratches but heals tiny scratches and makes them invisible. It also improves the bassinet’s transparency and even uses the power of sunshine to degrade dirt on the surface of the bed and eliminates smells. You can read all the technical details here !

The crib’s mattress, featuring a soft cover of pure wool, is truly a newborn’s dream come true – inside is a layer of buckwheat hulls which provides the mattress with additional support and  stimulates a healthy blood flow. Buckwheat hulls are naturally antibacterial, hypoallergenic, anti fungal, breathable, insulating and odor resistant.


This is just the perfect baby bassinet and once your little one out-grows it, you don’t have to store it in your attic or basement – instead, you can easily re-purpose it and use it as a side table, a toy or even as a wine cooler for your next party… the possibilities are countless ! 😉


(images: lana agiyan)

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  1. Marjorie says:

    I have a new grandson on the way and would love to purchase this bed where can I find them