Welcome to Nick’s World !

Have you ever wondered, how a five-year-old sees the world ? Let me tell you – it’s a MARVELOUS place where anything goes…

I happen to be the mother of a very verbal and hysterically funny five-year-old who likes to share his seemingly endless “wisdom” every minute of every day… and since I like to share as well, Littlestarblog presents you it’s brand new weekly column: Nick’s World. Enjoy !

As every parent knows, life with kids is many, many things – however, boring is NEVER one of them. You have to be prepared for anything, anytime… They have this incredible ability to make you laugh tears exactly when you least feel like it and that is precisely what I did today !

Nick and I were on the subway when suddenly he looked around and said: “Mom, I think everybody is starring at me!” I looked around and of course everyone was looking at everything BUT him or each other, so I said “Nonsense Nick, why would they do that ?” His answer was priceless “Well, maybe because I’m so handsome!”

Needless to say, everyone who heard us was laughing and there is a lesson to be learned here ! You have to just admire his optimism and confidence and maybe, just maybe the next time we feel like the center of unwanted attention – whether it might be real or imagined – we should all take a leaf out of his book, be nice to ourselves for once and jump to the most positive conclusion !

And here is a picture of my handsome Mr. Confidence 😉

(image: bridgee for littlestarblog)


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  1. Kiki says:

    He is adorable!