We ♥ Bedtime Math !

My husband and I both descend from long lines of avid readers, so when we became parents passing on our love for books by reading bedtime stories to our kids was really a no-brainer. However, neither of us had ever thought of doing the same thing with math, until I recently stumbled over Bedtime Math.

Laura Bilodeau Overdeck, a fellow mother, who also happens to have a degree in Astrophysics from Princeton University, is a self-professed numbers person and came up with the genius idea of solving a daily, age-appropriate bedtime math problem with her kids, in order to instill a love for math from a very early age on. Her goal is to “to make the nightly math problem as common as the bedtime story” and it truly is a beautiful concept !

The nightly math problems on her website each have three different levels, from preschool to second grade onward and are really fun ! Parents can just visit her site whenever they need a new problem to solve or they can sign up to conveniently receive the BMP (Bedtime Math Problem) via email.

I have signed up and can only encourage you to do the same –  it only takes 30 seconds and will enrich your children’s life forever ! 🙂

(image: bedtime math)