Walker Illustrated Classics !

Are you a fan of classic children’s literature ? Then you will love the Walker Illustrated Classics !

Walker Illustrated Classics is a book series by British children’s books publisher Walker Books, which brings together some of the most beloved children’s classics, illustrated by simply amazing contemporary artists. The series of 12 books was published monthly in 2009, is exquisitely designed, has wonderful, elaborate pictures and is truly a pleasure to read… and read again and again…

Classic Children's Literature: Walker Illustrated Classics

This series of wonderful, masterfully written children’s stories, which have captivated young and adult readers alike for decades and in some cases centuries, is mostly for kids who are nine years old or older. However, depending on their maturity level and experience as a reader, with a little patience and helpful explanations, some of the stories could be read to kids as young as five years old.

Hopefully your child will fall in love with some of these stories and will revisit them many times over the years and as it grows, will discover new aspects and never-before-noticed story elements every time it reads them – and a life-long love for reading will be borne ! In today’s highly technological world, one can only hope…

Enjoy re-discovering these childhood favorites and you can purchase them here.