Urban Jungle Bloggers – Kids Edition !

Hello friends, today I am exploring new (for me at least) interior frontiers and and will introduce you to the Urban Jungle Bloggers. This fun new monthly blog series is the brain child of my talented blogger friends Igor and Judith and I am honored to be a part of it now ! As so many of us are city dwellers and our urban environments so often and very sadly lack some much needed green life, our mission as Urban Jungle Bloggers is to inspire a greener style of living by decorating interior spaces with plants – for that extra bit of stylish, joy-bringing green in your life… 🙂

LittlestarblogUJBKidsEdition1Since I focus on children’s lifestyle and design, I had to put my very own spin on things of course and I thought to myself, why not give my two rascals their own little green friend to take care of and dote on ?! Plants are something you don’t often see in children’s spaces and many parents are scared to add them since so many common house plants can be quite dangerous for small children. However, there are many safe and beautiful plants out there and as I have never met a child who doesn’t love plants, they are one of the best, most affordable and effortless way to add some extra dose of beauty, cheer and happiness to your kids’ room !

LittlestarblogUJBKidsEdition2LittlestarblogUJBKidsEdition3A plants is not just another thing but a living, breathing being that needs to be loved and tended to and Nick and Charlie were not just happy but absolutely elated to now be the proud owners of their very own little green friend… If you live in a small space or for various reasons can’t give your child a pet, a tiny plant of their own will not only make them happy and add some natural beauty to their space but also provide them with a valuable first lesson in responsibility.

LittlestarblogUJBKidsEdition4LittlestarblogUJBKidsEdition5By the way, my little plant parents have named their two new friends Sting (perfect name for a cactus, don’t you think?) and Dora (after Dora The Explorer…) and were just so excited about the new additions to their shared bedroom that I had to wonder why it took me so long to add some green…

Have a wonderful and sunny new week and if you now feel inspired to add some pretty new plants to your own urban jungle, then I would love to hear about it !

Bridgee xx

(images: bridgee for littlestarblog)

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  1. Igor says:

    I am so proud of you and your adorable kids, Bridgee! This post is such a delight and I love the kids version:-) Happy (green) Monday!!

    • Bridgee says:

      Awww, thank you my dear ! It’s all due to your magical green influence (and threat of violence…lol) !! 😉 xx

  2. Heather says:

    What gorgeous pictures and gorgeous kids! I love the idea of giving the kids their own house plants to look after – I think I might have to pick up a couple for my twins this weekend. Was so great to meet you yesterday – can’t wait to catch up again soon. Have a fun weekend in London!

    • Bridgee says:

      Thanks Heather, it was sooo lovely to meet you and I hope will see each other again very soon !! 🙂 xx

  3. Judith says:

    Awwww, that last picture is SO cute, Bridgee! Kissing a cacti: Nick is such a daredevil! I love that you initiate your kids to growing greens. Especially in an urban setting, it’s not always easy to connect with nature. Thanks for playing along, and see: it’s even more fun than you expected to join our green adventure 😉 xx

    • Bridgee says:

      Thanks so much Judith ! Igor and you were right – it WAS fun and I am now hooked !!! I’m always looking out for things to use for my next #urbanjunglebloggers post ! lol xx


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