Urban Jungle Bloggers – Back To School Edition !

Hello friends, welcome to the newest edition of Urban Jungle Bloggers. Today I am taking you behind the scenes of Littlestarblog and will show you my workspace and some of my little green friends.

LittlestarblogUrbanJungleBloggersBackToSchool2As a blogger and photographer I spend more hours at my desk than I really care to count and unfortunately my little “business corner”, as I like to call it, is far away from any windows or natural light. This can be a little daunting at times and it makes me enjoy the little bit of green on my desk even more.

LittlestarblogUrbanJungleBloggersBackToSchool3Even the smallest plant can make a huge difference and my happy little cactus named Sting (very fitting name, don’t you think ?) puts a smile on my face even on the rainiest of days. By the way, did you know that my friend Igor gave it to me ? I think the best plants are the ones that are delivered with love ! <3

LittlestarblogUrbanJungleBloggersBackToSchool4What does your workspace look like and did you ever think of adding a little bit of green to it ? I’d love to know !

Bridgee xx

(images: bridgee for littlestarblog)