Urban Jungle Bloggers – April Kids Edition !

Hello my lovelies, I am back today with this month’s Urban Jungle Bloggers post and boy do I have a treat for you !! This month’s task was to style a window sill or balcony with beautiful plants and I had just the perfect idea in mind. Our pre-war apartment in Munich has two balconies, one of which is one of these tiny French balconies that look pretty but are too small to really use properly… I gave it a good look for pretty much the first time since we moved in two years ago and saw it in a completely new light. A vision started to take shape and I thought to myself, why not get creative and turn it into our very own, kid-friendly urban jungle ?! So the kids and I quickly embarked on a fun shopping spree at IKEA (of course… any excuse will do !!) and then went to work… And here it is – Nick and Charlie’s very own little green space !

LittlestarblogUJBApril10LittlestarblogUJBApril5Planting with Nick and Charlie was so much fun and they absolutely loved to be involved in every little detail of our project. I believe that all kids are born with a natural appreciation for beautiful things and just like everything else in life, styling and decorating are skills that can be taught and honed ! My two rascals are already very aware of their mom’s love for interiors and frequent “projects” and not only do they not mind that at all – they very much like to try their own little hand at it…

LittlestarblogUJBApril4LittlestarblogUJBApril3Here is our little collection of pretty plants and planters… Aren’t they just lovely ? I have to admit, I was not always the biggest fan of plants but once you welcome a little green friend into your home, they become quite addictive and more will soon follow ! 😉 If you are wondering, where I purchased my planters – just last weekend I was in London and lucky enough to be able to shop at West Elm, where I got the adorable mint owl mug below, the faceted terrarium and the cute ceramic birdjust looking at them makes us really happy !

LittlestarblogUJBApril2LittlestarblogUJBApril1As you can see, Nick and Charlie love their little green nook so much that for the past few days I had to serve all their meals on their balcony and they also enjoy plying there and organising little impromptu tea parties… it’s too cute for words so I will let the rest of the photos do the talking !

LittlestarblogUJBApril6 LittlestarblogUJBApril7 LittlestarblogUJBApril8 LittlestarblogUJBApril9LittlestarblogUJBApril11Thanks again to my dear Igor and Judith for their brilliant Urban Jungle Bloggers idea – it has already brought so much more joy into our house and life and I can’t wait for the May edition to be here !!! 😉

Have a lovely and hopefully sunny weekend, Bridgee xx

(images: bridgee for littlestarblog)

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  1. Igor says:

    The best of the best – der Balkon, die Deko, die Kids! I’m proud of you:-)) Bisous de Paris!

  2. this is so sunny and pretty!
    I’ve been inspired and joined the Urban Jungle Bloggers myself 🙂
    amalia xo

    • Bridgee says:

      Hello Amalia, thank you and I’m so glad to hear that ! There can never be enough Urban Jungle Bloggers !!! 😉 xx

  3. Judith says:

    Wow the green virus really got to you, Bridgee! This looks so lovely! I totally understand why N&C want to have all their dinners on the new balcony. I would too 😉 Also love the UJB detail on your planter, fabulous! See you soon! xx

  4. Wow this is so cute B! I love the balcony transformation and it’s lovely to see these cute pics of the kids,they are so adorable! I can totally imagine them playing tea parties out there, what fun! The urban jungle bloggers is such a good idea, I wish I lived in a town so I could take part too! X x x