UPnDOWN – A Unique Design Bunk Bed For Kids !

Hello all, today I would love to introduce you one of my favorite new children’s interior design discoveries – the UPnDOWN Bed !

LittlestarblogUpnDown If you have followed my blog these past few weeks you might have read that I am just in the process of completely redecorating my kids’ shared bedroom… They love each other so much that they absolutely insisted on sleeping in the same room – unfortunately, furnishing and decorating a room for a brother and sister with completely different ages, needs and preferences is not the easiest of tasks (which might in fact be a bit of an understatement ! ) ! 😉

Surprisingly enough, the hardest part so far has not been deciding on a color scheme (as I would have expected) but the hunt for just the right bed… They are at an age now where one of their biggest wishes is a bunk bed and unfortunately, great design bunk beds are hard to come by here in Germany  – who knew ? After countless hours spent surfing the world wide web for just the right design, can you imagine my absolute delight when a friend and fellow blogger just happened to show me the most amazing bunk bed ever ?!!

hoogslaper_stapelbed_kinderbed_design_vilt_multiplex_origineel_02_jpgThis ingenious and fresh new design by Amsterdam based father of two, architect and furniture designer Thomas Durner is not only absolutely stunning, it’s also the most versatile children’s bed I have ever seen ! Not only can you purchase the bed either as a single or as a bunk bed, you can also mount the beds in several different positions. This is exactly the bunk bed my kids have been dreaming about – a bed, that will invite them to dream of adventures and  reenact them the very next day !

hoogslaper_stapelbed_kinderbed_design_vilt_multiplex_origineel_03_jpghoogslaper_stapelbed_kinderbed_design_vilt_multiplex_origineel_04_jpgI love the UPnDOWN‘s many fun possibilities and the fact that you can easily transform it from a shared bunk bed to two separate loft beds with built-in book shelves that double as a latter… And as if this wasn’t enough, each bed is covered in a cozy, high quality felt and you can customise your bed by choosing from 20 different colors. This really is the coolest bed !!


(images: thomas durner)

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  1. Louisa says:

    Hi Bridgee, thus looks amazing! Never seen a bunk bed so cool ever! Great find x

  2. Igor says:

    Love the funky and practical look of these beds!!

    • Bridgee says:

      So do I – now how do I convince Jyn to buy them ? You think he might notice if one day they are just there ? 😉

  3. Emma says:

    awesome….wow..genau das könnte ich mir auch bei uns vorstellen…da hast Du echt was tolles entdeckt…wow…echt wow… glg emma

  4. Hallo Bridgee, habe gerade deinen Artikel zu meinem Entwurf gelesen – und fühle mich sehr geehrt von deinen Kommentaren. Vielen Dank!!


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