The Great Gatsby – Jazz Era Children’s Fashion !

In 1923, exactly 90 years ago years ago, American author F. Scott Fitzgerald began writing  one of my favorite books, The Great Gatsby. To celebrate the US release of Baz Luhrmann’s movie version of The Great Gatsby this weekend, I styled and photographed a Great Gatsby inspired children’s fashion shoot… Take a look below and enjoy !


How cute are my little mini-versions of Daisy and Jay ? I am such a huge fan of the colorful, decadent Jazz Age with it’s lively music and opulent fashion and when Brooks Brothers recently introduced it’s amazing Great Gatsby Collection I began to wonder what a children’s version of it would look like.


Since I could not find any Great Gatsby inspired children’s collections anywhere, I just literally went to town and started browsing the stores for unique clothing items that I might be able to combine for a Jazz Era look… As you can see, a little creativity goes a long way and I managed to put together the perfect outfits by simply combining pieces from two of my favorite children’s fashion staples – Zara and H&M !


What do you think ? Do you like the look ? I think this would be such a cute lawn party idea for a themed summer birthday (at any age) ! 🙂


 (images: bridgee for littlestarblog)




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  1. glomerylane says:

    Ein superschöner Post, liebe Bridgee! Tolles Styling und deine Kleinen sind ja sowieso zuckersüß! Mein Favorit: Die schlafende Schönheit!! Solch ein Haarband wünsch ich mir 🙂
    Liebste Grüße von inga

  2. Love how you styled your own little Great Gatsby set-up – the little ones look absolutely adorable!

    Nancy (BYW)

  3. Toni says:

    Oh, how wonderful. As a child (and even now) I would have been totally in love with this 🙂


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