The First Day Of School – St. George’s, The English International School Opens It’s Doors In Munich !

Good morning all, today is the day ! Nick’s big day is finally here – his first day of school ! Now would be the appropriate time to dwell on the loss of his babyhood and toddler years, get emotional and misty-eyed because my firstborn is taking yet another important step towards adulthood and mourn the fact that I will have to let go and give him a little more space to grow than the day before…

Well, I guess I COULD feel that way and am in fact EXPECTED to feel that way but I’ll tell you my little (now about to be very public) secret: I don’t like to live according to other peoples expectations, getting all caught up in mommy drama is not really my style at all, I don’t like wasting precious energy by dwelling on the past and since I really, really like change, I am actually feeling quite happy and excited today. You could even say that I am exhilarated  because today is the first day of an important chapter in my son’s life – a chapter, which I myself have loved with complete abandon  – school…


These past (almost) seven years, my husband and I have done everything in our power to pass on our love for literature and the arts, for music and dance, science and history, for traveling and new adventures to Nick and luckily for us he loves it all ! He is a happy, charming little boy who is oh so confident in his own abilities, sees the world in the most positive light and has this huge hunger for knowledge. Seeing the sparkle in his eyes today, his pride in his achievements so far and being able to witness his bravery when venturing out into the world and facing a new adventure makes me happy and I could just never be sad on a day like today – I rather consider it my reward for a job well done (so far at least…) ! 😉


Honestly, the hardest part about today has been the choice of the right school for our little future world traveler and wanna-be scientist. Munich had only three international schools so far and none of them seemed like quite the right fit for us. Luckily, life has a way of sometimes providing just what you were looking for, completely out of the blue (which is in fact how I met my husband but that is a story for another time )…  St. Georges, The English International School will open it’s doors for the first time today and my luckiest little explorer will walk through them and hopefully be grateful for the opportunity.

This will be the fourth chapter for St. George’s and it’s principal, Marietta Horton, who are looking back at 28 years of English private school experience. After first opening it’s doors in Cologne in 1985, St. George’s School now offers a day- and boarding school in Cologne, as well as day schools in Duisburg, Aachen and now Munich. Not only do they offer their pupils access to the National Curriculum of England and Wales, the I/GCSE and A-Level exams, as well as the International Baccalaureate but they are also academically affiliated to one of the oldest, most prestigious universities in the world – the University of Cambridge ! What more can a little book worm (and his mom and dad) dream of, right ?!

Have a great first day of school wherever you are, Bridgee xx

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  1. Karen chapman says:

    Hi Brigitte

    Loved reading your account of your sons first morning at st George’s, where I met you this morning; Nick was sitting beside Sean. I would like to say I feel as liberated as you this lunchtime, but I’m feeling the expected way, a bit bereft without my 3 noisy sons in the house. As I mentioned we’ve only been here 7 weeks so I have a lot to get to grips with. I agree that life does have a habit of providing what you need when you need it, maybe just coincidence. St George’s has opened just at the right time for us too, and I hope my three boys grab the opportunity of living and learning in a different country and enjoy the experience to the full.

    It was good to meet you. Thanks for your card, hopefully see you later. I’m sue Sean and Nick will have had a fun filled exhausting first day.

    Karen Chapman

  2. Nitsa says:

    Hello, My family is relocating to Munich and I happened
    Upon this blog. I have two children 4 and 7 and I am
    Quite interested in sending them to St. Georges. Is Schawbing family friendly
    And do lots of St. George’s families live there?
    We are moving from the US and I have so many questions!
    If you wouldn’t mind connecting, my email is:
    Thanks in advance, One Overwhelmed But Excited For Adventure Mom 🙂

    • Bridgee says:

      Hello Nitsa, of course I don’t mind connecting and have just sent you an email ! 🙂 Bridgee

  3. Mona Onsy says:

    Hi Bridgee

    My name is Mona and our family is relocating to Munich this summer. I have 2 daughters 8 and 4 who are currently enrolled in a brithish school, that’s why i was considering saint george together with BIS and MIS.
    I would like to know your feedback on saint george and how you and the kids like it so far.

    Thanks in advance.

  4. Tom says:

    Hi Bridgee,

    Hopefully I am not violating any codes here, if so, please keep it on the hush. I have applied to teach at St George’s and will need to make a formal decision whether I take the job within 24 hours. Would it be possible to email you regarding information on the area etc?

    Many thanks

  5. Gabrielle says:

    Hi, thanks for posting this. We are considering moving to Schwabing and are looking at MIS, BIS and St G’s. If you have time and could email me back I would appreciate any information on the area and schools.

    Thank you