The Crumpled City Map !

If you love to travel with your kids and are still holding on to your love for city maps, here is a post just for you !

I cannot tell you, how many times I have tried in the past to properly fold a city map and again and again failed miserably… Despite the little obstacle of being seriously folding-challenged, I still love city maps for their nostalgic feel and this is the one thing I refuse to replace with an app !

For people like me, Palomar’s Crumpled City Map and Crumpled City Jr. Map are truly a dream come true !

The Crumpled City Maps are unique and indestructible maps that won’t need to get folded at all. They are made out of a special material and are soft, extremely light, ultra resistant and 100% waterproof. You can hand them roughly, crumple them up into a ball and just stuff them into you backpack or handbag without EVER having to fold a map again !

The Crumpled City Junior Map shown above is available for Amsterdam, Berlin, London, New York and Paris, comes with colorful illustrations, lots of information and also points you to some great, not-to-be-missed places for kids.

Isn’t this the most GENIUS map in the world ?!