Springtime With Kidsonroof !

The Dutch company Kidsonroof has been a favorite of mine ever since it was first established in 2005 by uber-talented couple Romy Boesveldt and Ilya Yashkin.

Kidsonroof with it’s beautiful and delicate products made out of recycled cardboard wishes to build a bridge between our busy modern lifes and nature and to re-connect the two by offering our children an ecological, imaginative approach to the act of playing.

The pictures above show the Totem Papillon, the Totem Birds on Tree and the Totem Tree from their simply gorgeous Totem Collection. Every one of the stunning designs arrives in pieces and has to be assembled by busy little hands – giving parents and kids the perfect opportunity to work on a fun project together.

The results are great for decorating any room and would be a simple but oh-so-pretty way to get your home ready for Spring – in the hope that it might arrive just a little bit sooner…

(images: kidsonroof)