Rubens Ark Soft Dolls !

Meet the most adorable little soft dolls: the Rubens Ark soft dolls from Swedish company Design Rubens !

The cute, machine washable Rubens Ark dolls, are 36 cm tall, weigh about 350 g and are made from wonderfully soft, cuddly, carefully selected fleece. Details like eyes, ears and mouth of each doll are sewn on by hand, which gives each doll a unique touch and personality.

Rubens Ark Soft Doll by Design Rubens Sweden

The Rubens Ark series consists of 20 different dolls – ten with a sweet animal costume and ten in plain clothes. You can also buy additional outfits for the dolls and can choose from 12 different animal costumes and four changes of regular but equally adorable clothes.

Design Rubens Sweden also manufactures many other doll series for kids of all ages and what I especially like about their dolls is, that they are available with different ethnic features and skin tones. So, if you are looking for a unique, handmade and diverse doll, Design Rubens is the company to go to !