Rico Design – Patchwork Family !

This Saturday I took my kids to our local arts and crafts store and we spent some happy hours stocking up on supplies for all kinds of rainy day projects and while I bought many staples like washi tape, pretty ribbons, stamps, colorful fabrics or scrapbooking paper, there is something in particular that I instantly fell in love with – Rico Design’s Patchwork Family !

Patchwork Family is a collection of plain stuffed animals, little pillows, aprons and bags which can be customized with fabrics, embroidery, ribbons, buttons, fabric colors and so much more ! The possibilities are endless and Rico Design’s matching Patchwork Family magazine is not only an inspiration and a work of art in itself, it also makes getting creative really easy with its detailed fabric templates, sewing patterns and embroidery instructions.

I just can’t wait to get started on my owl, bear and dachshund and will show you the results in a later post… 🙂

(images: bridgee for littlestarblog)

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  1. Boo Bamford says:

    Can you help? I recently fell in love with the Bunny and bought it to make for my 14 month Old. I usually cross stitch so I can sew but I have no idea where to start on this project? Do you know of any useful hints tips or even a starting point for me?