Pinkstinks Germany – Fighting Gender Stereotypes One Egg At A Time !

Back in June we reported about Pinkstinks, a UK-based online campaign fighting the “pinkification of girlhood”. Well, they have been pretty busy this summer and launched Pinkstinks Germany a few weeks ago.

Run by a diverse group of like-mined parents, Pinkstinks Germany aims to push the old gender boundaries in Germany and make companies, media and parents rethink the image of femininity we as a society impose upon our children.

Here is one example of the amazing work they are already doing: Just last week, my son and daughter spend some time with their grandparents and both got one of these new pink Ferrero Kinder Surprise Eggs. Well, imagine my very unpleasant surprise when we opened the eggs and found this:

This overly skinny, not-so-innocent and scantily clad fairy is part of Ferrero’s Fairy-Winx-Club Collection and as you can see for yourself, it is everything but appropriate for young children !

Pinkstinks Germany has started an online petition aimed at Ferrero Germany and it’s CEO, asking them to discontinue this line of toys. Currently 1.735 people have signed the petition and they need 765 more signatures to be able to move forward with it – so don’t hesitate and spend a minute of your time to sign it. It’s for a good cause !!!

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  1. Dani says:

    I love pink and my girls love pink too. Mia’s favorite color though is blue. The Winx fairy you show here is dressed way to skimpily for my taste…she is like a hooker-fairy. Yet, I have to say that it is everyone’s responsibility (parents, teachers, public…) to make sure little girls know that the body shape of this fairy is just as mythical as her wings 😉 by strengthening their self-esteem and self-value. Just my 2 cents 🙂