Pinkstinks – Fighting Gender Stereotypes One Toy At A Time !

Today I would like to introduce you to something I recently discovered and truly believe in – Pinkstinks !

British twin sisters Emma and Abi Moore are two professionally truly accomplished mothers who in 2008 came up with the brilliant idea of organizing a campaign to fight what they call “the pinkification” of girlhood.


For the past four years, Pinkstinks has successfully targeted products, media and marketing which cater to girls only – while using out-dated and limiting gender stereotypes. Their goal continues to be to not only put a stop to theses marketing practices and the manufacturing of these kinds of products but to promote a more positive body image and more self esteem in general, while at the same time providing kids with desperately needed, much improved female role models !

As the mother of a young daughter myself, this is a cause very dear to my heart – so please, take a look at the video below and let us all take a minute to reconsider the things we buy for our daughters !

PS: For all German speaking moms – take a look at Pinkstinks Germany here !

(info and video: pinkstinks)

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