Oeuf Children’s Furniture !

Here is a post about one of my favorite children’s furniture lines: the Classic Collection by American company Oeuf ! Founded by a New York City based Frensh/American couple in 2002, I have been a huge fan of their clean, modern and eco friendly children’s products from day one.

What I love about Oeuf’s designs is that they are not only simply beautiful but also multifunctional and built to last – for example, you can easily turn their cribs into classic toddler beds, prolonging their use and saving money in the process.

Oeuf’s design is also focused on the environment and local communities, which is why they manufacture their products in Europe, instead of  for example in countries like China.

By the way, Oeuf also manufactures unique, delicate children’s clothes , accessories and toys – what’s not to love ?!