Music Monday – Lucius On Tour !

Happy Music Monday folks ! I am so happy to be back with a new post today – featuring Lucius, one of my favorite new bands of the year ! I introduced them here on the blog back in March and a few weeks back I was lucky enough to be able to see them play live at the Atomic Cafe here in little old Munich. What an absolute TREAT that was !!

LuciusOnTour-5LuciusOnTour-15Their Munich gig was absolutely perfect – it was small enough to seem like one of those exclusive private concerts, had just the right amount of really enthusiastic fans to have a really fun and energetic vibe going on and of course I absolutely loved taking tons of photos to share with you !

LuciusOnTour-2LuciusOnTour-24LuciusOnTour-3LuciusOnTour-27Lucius is still on tour right now and will continue touring for the reminder of the year.  Sooo, if you haven’t seen them live yet, then hurry up and secure some tickets because they will be the next big thing – I can just feel it !!

LuciusOnTour-26LuciusOnTour-13LuciusOnTour-10LuciusOnTour-12Listening to Wildwoman, their first album,  always, always puts me in a good mood and who can’t use a little bit of instant happiness every now and then ?!

LuciusOnTour-6 LuciusOnTour-8 LuciusOnTour-9 LuciusOnTour-7One of the highlights of the show was the encore at the end – Jess, Holly and the whole band joined the crowd and sang acoustic versions of two of their songs, surrounded by fans… and it was truly mesmerising !

LuciusOnTour-21 LuciusOnTour-20 LuciusOnTour-19 LuciusOnTour-18At the end of the night I got the chance to chat a bit with the Holly and Jess and they were as nice as can be while posing for this snap shot.



(images: bridgee for littlestarblog)