Music Monday Feat. Josy !

Somehow, my Music Monday posts have turned into pretty-please-posts recently but well, here it is: this week’s belated Music Monday video featuring a hip, new Japanese Band called Josie and a funny story…

This hilarious, brilliant and off-the-charts crazy (but in a good way) guy I went to university with is pursuing his masters degree in Japan and along the way, he somehow managed to accidentally become the tour manager of a Japanese girl-band… how did this happen exactly ? Well, find out here but prepare to laugh tears !

The short version of the story is, he convinced them to tour Europe early next year and right now, they are looking for gigs  – so please, if you like funky Rock, Japanese popular culture and discovering new bands, listen to some of their songs because they are actually really good ! And if you just happen to know anyone who knows anyone who knows anyone, don’t hesitate and get in touch with them ASAP !:-)