Music Monday Feat. Benedict Cumberbatch

Hello all, and welcome to Music Monday ! Here is a little song for you to brighten up what according to a recent study seems to be the most depressing day of the year (the first Monday after the Christmas and New Year’s holidays) ! So, if you are currently feeling like Sherlock in the photo below, then keep on reading… 😉

44087This little song called Can’t Keep It It Inside is sung by no other than the brilliant, multi-talented Benedict Cumberbatch (of recent Sherlock fame and so, SO much more), who in my book at least can do no wrong and whose elusive and unique allure pretty much puts him in a league of his own… This little gem of a song is from the soon to be released movie soundtrack for August: Osage County – a movie I just can’t wait to see after reading and loving the play  it’s based on years ago !!

Okay, I admit it, my Sherlock-obsession has gotten the better of me and has finally invaded this blog but if you are like me and have started watching the long awaited third season of Sherlock, then I’m sure you understand and will kindly turn a blind eye ! 😉


Happy Monday everyone and I am wishing you all a successful first week back at work ! Bridgee xx


(images: bbcone)