Munich With Kids – Wallberg Hiking !

Good morning friends and a happy start into the week ! September is here and I just can’t believe how quickly this summer has passed – almost in the blink of an eye… A part of me will miss it dearly but another part cannot wait for the Fall season with its pretty colors, chilly morning air, new Fall trends and all the back-to-school excitement !

If you are new here in Munich, thinking of visiting this quaint little city or just wondering what life here looks like, you will love today’s post about a lovely hiking trip to the Wallberg mountain we took two weeks ago. Take a look, find out more below and let it inspire you to plan a little trip of your own ! 🙂


Wallberg mountain is a hiker’s paradise and its many hiking trails, untouched landscape and spectacular views of the Bavarian Alps and the Tegernsee Valley are a dream come true ! The pictures above of little Charlie devouring a traditional Bavarian pretzel were taken at the restaurant on top of the Wallberg mountain. It features a large glass facade as well as a large sun terrace, both of which provide visitors with a simply breathtaking panoramic view of the Alps.


Here are a few tiny and not so tiny gems from our hike… I really enjoyed a few hours of life “off the grid” so to speak and it was lovely to take a deep breath of fresh mountain air and just take pleasure in the simple but beautiful wonders nature has to offer. As a blogger, I spend so much time online that I really need some time outdoors every now and then to recharge my batteries !


Wallberg moutain is often referred to as the “sunshine mountain” and you only have to glance at these photos to immediately know why ! I have taken many trips there and no matter the season or time of year, somehow the sun is always shining… or maybe that’s just my good mood shining through. 😉 So, don’t forget to bring your sun screen and sun glasses !


On our hike we happened to pass by some people who were just about to paraglide and of course I could not resist the tempting photo-op. Wallberg mountain, with its great thermal lift and amazing  panorama of the Tegernsee lake is somewhat of an Eldorado for paragliding and hang-gliding enthusiasts in the area and one of these days I might just give it a try myself… Wouldn’t you ?


Hiking with small kids can be a little bit of a challenge at times and even we adults get tired sometimes – what I really like about the Wallberg is that it offers hiking newbies, families with kids or really anyone who feels like it the possibility to ride the Wallberg cable car up or down the mountain instead of hiking all the way. Even a round-trip is possible, which is just perfect if you are short on time and just want to enjoy the view from the top.


However, if you do choose to hike up or down, here is what the trail looks like… Isn’t it dreamy ?


After a long day of hiking you can then enjoy some delicious authentic local food and beer right at the foot of the Wallberg mountain in the quiant Alpenwildpark restaurant and enjoy a little bit of tranquility. When we were there, they even had some live Bavarian music… What more can one ask for, right ?! xx

(images: bridgee for littlestarblog)

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  1. bernadette gomez says:

    Its nature at its best! Nice place to be with family on seekends, a place to charge yourself.,. A place to commune with nature and good bonding venue with the kids.