Littlestarblog Fall Photoshoot !

Fall is truly my favorite season – not only as a Halloween-loving mom but also as a photographer ! With its gorgeous colors, the misty mornings, all those oh-so-pretty leaves covering the ground, fall just never disappoints ! A few weeks ago I took advantage of a warm, sunny day for a fall fashion photoshoot and here are the results…

This photo session was so much fun, we got really creative with the outfit and I just wanted to show you how easy it is to completely alter a look with just the tiniest of changes… take a look below and see if you notice the differences !

This truly is one of Nick’s all-time favorite outfits and the best thing about it is that all the individual pieces go so well together – you can combine them any way you like and simply can’t go wrong ! I put together some similar pieces for you, in case you want to recreate the look for your little (or not so little) man… 😉

Bye the way, all the pieces above are available online from ZARA… Have fun shopping and styling and enjoy the weekend !

(images: bridgee for littlestarblog)