Littlestarblog ♥ Mompreneurs – Meet Greta & Eva From kid-à-porter !

Hello everyone and welcome to part four of our Littlestarblog ♥ Mompreneurs series ! This time we spoke to Greta Becker & Eva Weeber from the fashion and lifestyle blog kid-à-porter. I had the pleasure to meet them a few weeks ago at the Joolz Event in Hamburg and as fellow moms and fashion-enthusiasts we immediately hit it off ! I have become a big fan of their blog and of Pippa, their cute-as-a-button “office-kid” ! 😉


LSB: Hello Greta, hello Eva, welcome to Littlestarblog ! Tell us about your business and what you do exactly.

EW: Greta and I run kid-à-porter which is a lifestyle and fashion blog for modern moms and minis. Being passionate fashionistas ourselves, we feature news on designer fashion for kids and kids outfits.

LSB: What inspired you to start your own business and how did you come up with the initial idea ?

EW: Actually we were fed up with all the DIY blogs and that no one openly talks about the fact that they like dressing up their kids just as much as they like to dress themselves.

When Greta had her first baby, we got totally into the baby & kids styling world and soon discovered that we had quickly become style consultants for friends and friends of friends. This is why we then ended up creating our blog.

LSB: What were you doing before this and is this your first business ?

GB: I had been working in Marketing for Procter & Gamble and other FMCG companies before I founded my first business My City Secret – which is a marketing consulting company for small unique stores, cafés and other businesses in cities. I am still doing some project for this business but my main focus is on kid-à-porter.

EW: I was working in the investment industry  – however, I never felt as passionate about that industry as I feel about fashion.

LSB: What has been your biggest obstacle or challenge so far and how did you overcome it?

GB: Finding enough time for blogging while raising kids and managing the everyday chaos !

LSB: Where do you see the future of your company ?

GB: Good question ! We are already quite happy with the success we’ve achieved so far, namely taking kid-à-porter from a mere hobby to a full-time job. In the future, we would like our company to become more international and we’d love to take on more bloggers from other regions to write about fashion for and with us.

LSB: What contributions do you want to make through your company ?

EW: We want to set a style example for kids as we truly believe that kids do not always have to be dressed in functional clothes for the playground („quadratisch, praktisch, gut“) but can be stylish and fashion-savvy as well!

LSB: Do you incorporate any green business practices into your current venture ?

EW: Well, if you consider our office recycling policies, then we do incorporate some green business practices. 😉

LSB: Do you have a female role model or a famous woman you admire ?

EW: My first though was  – our mothers, because they showed us that you can definitely combine being a great mother and having a full-time job while maintaining an outstanding style. But obviously, none of you know them. My second thought was then Dana Schweiger whom we personally met two weeks ago at a charity event. She is such an amazing woman, combining a great style with being a wonderful mother of four(!) and being a business woman but without having an armada of nannies trailing her.

LSB: Can women really have it all ? How do you balance raising your children and heading a company ?

GB: Good question! And I have to say I haven’t found a one-size-fits-all solution for it. Honestly, I don‘t believe that there even exists a single woman who doesn‘t have an a bad conscience or suffers from mommy guilt either way – and I freely admit that so do I. On some days, I feel bad taking away too much time from my child and on other days, I feel bad about not devoting more time to work. I think it’s all about setting your own standards. Be realistic about what you can do and don’t try to be perfect – no one really is !

LSB: What is the one piece of advise that you would give aspiring mom entrepreneurs ?

GB: Never ever let others discourage you! Believe in your idea and project and in your skills! Often, it’s not the studied experts who have the most success but those believing in the success of their project, working hard to realize it!

LSB: Thanks you both for your time and the great interview ! It’s truly inspirational to hear that so many other moms suffer from the same old mommy guilt and encouraging women to stop aspiring for perfection in all aspects of life is really empowering ! Let’s just cut ourselves some slack !!! 🙂