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Hello everyone, welcome to the next installment in our Littlestarblog ♥ Mompreneurs series ! Today we would like to introduce you to Dani Gudith, life coach, designer, foodie, fellow blogger and owner of andcute.

Through andcute, Dani is showcasing her remarkably creativity and many, many talents and while I am a big fan of all her adorable products, I simply love her clip art, recipes and free printables ! Take a look for yourself and read Dani’s truly inspiring interview below…

LSB: Hello Dani, welcome to Littlestarblog ! Tell us about your business and what you do exactly.

D: At I combine my passion for food and design. I make sweet and savory treats and share what I’ve made on my blog. As a designer I sell my clip art, my designs on products like binders and iPhone cases and I also offer my design and consulting services.

LSB: What inspired you to start your own business and how did you come up with the initial idea ?

D: I have always been a creative person and enjoy “making” something of my own. My husband was in the Military and gone a lot. I wanted to find people to connect with and something to keep me busy. For that the internet was and is a great place! That is how I got into graphic design, making shirts and tags for Military spouses. When I started, cute and funny shirts for Military spouses were far and few between. I also started expanding my design field – I love creating graphics that are food related and I love to bake and cook. So my philosophy developed “If you can’t find it make it yourself”, that is true for graphics and for food items. Having lived in America for years I needed to get creative in order to make all the yummy goodies from the US here in Germany. That is how came about.

LSB: What were you doing before this and is this your first business ?

D: This in fact was my first business. I started it as a hobby while I was studying. But it is not my only business, I am a psychologist in “real life” and do freelance work as a life coach and HR consultant.

LSB: What has been your biggest obstacle or challenge so far and how did you overcome it ?

D: Because I pride myself in making everything from scratch (web design, clip art, photography) I sometimes feel like I can’t keep up with the internet Jonses who post 5 times a day and have 50000 products in their online stores. I have come to realize that quantity does not equal money or success. So in defining myself more in terms of a craftswoman I can watch what everyone else is doing without feeling pressured. I offer quality products and services that take time to make.

LSB: Where do you see the future of your company ?

D: I would like to expand my consulting services and help especially women owned businesses to get their online presence going. On a different spectrum I would love to have a physical store at some point where I sell things my friends and I made or products that I just love (got sprinkles?)

LSB: What contributions do you want to make through your company ?

D: I want to serve as a living example that you can do one thing (let’s say your career) and you can do another thing that you are passionate about too. And you can do them both really well. I want to encourage woman to think outside the box, follow their passion and not be afraid to monetize it!

LSB: Do you incorporate any green business practices into your current venture ?

D: I operate an online business. My clip art is 100% organic and pollutant free and my physical products are “on demand” based. 🙂 Though I have thousands of products in my store, the actual item only gets made once it was ordered by the customer – this eliminates a lot of waste and overhead!

LSB: Do you have a female role model or a famous woman you admire ?

D: You’ve heard it before and you will hear it again from me. Oprah Winfrey, a black woman coming from the lower stratosphere of society and becoming the wealthiest woman in America, all while doing good, giving back and empowering others. Living proof that it can be done!

LSB: Can women really have it all ? How do you balance raising your children and heading a company ?

D: I think we can have bits of it all and we control the size of the chunks. There are women in the corporate world, who I admire. They work 80 hour weeks and become VPs and CEOs, but you know that they are not at home at 3PM when the kids come back from school. And that is ok. You just have to set your priorities. My kids are in day care, I have a great husband who helps a lot around the house and I have a cleaning lady. I chose this path because I value my quiet time to get work done. I’m a better mom and wife when I have a sense of accomplishment that is unrelated to my kids. So it is important to learn what to let go of and to be okay with it.

LSB: What is the one piece of advise that you would give aspiring mom entrepreneurs ?

D: Do it. A lot of women over-think stuff. They make plans, set up intensions, get trainings, get ready, but they never actually DO. A decision is not a real decision until you have committed to ACTION. So put up your first item in your etsy store, open a zazzle store and make products, ask your local bakery if they would sell your cupcakes. Do it TODAY!

Thank you Dani for your time and the empowering words and I can see the life coach shining through ! 🙂

(images: andcute)

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  1. Dani says:

    Thanks for the opportunity 🙂 Your questions were actually very helpful for me too! Greets from HP!

  2. Wow! Great interview, and Dani is an inspiration. Her words about balancing work with family, setting priorities and learning to be OK with the decisions you make really hit home for me. Thank you, Bridgee and Dani!


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