Litlestarblog – Hello iPhonography !

Over the last few months, I have gotten so many questions about my photos that I thought it might be a good idea to share one of my biggest photography secrets with you… Even though I love my Canon EOS 40 D and use it frequently for all kinds of occasions, I have to say that the best camera you can have is the one that is readily available !

I am always on the go and especially with kids, bringing along a heavy, bulky DSLR (Digital single-lens reflex camera) wherever I go is not always the most practical approach to photography. What do I do ? I snap away on my iPhone 4S, using it’s built-in camera !  It’s really the best phone camera system on the market right now, except for maybe the new iPhone 5’s camera system and it’s biggest advantage is  – it’s everywhere… I have taken pictures using my iPhone, which would have never been possible with a big and obtrusive camera !

Let me introduce you to iPhoneography, a style of mobile photography, where photos are taken with an iPhone and edited with one or several apps directly on the iOS device. It was born back in 2007, with the introduction of Apple’s iPhone and has since grown exponentially with every new iPhone camera system and every improvement of both image quality and resolution, as more and more professional photographers have started to use it.

One amazing example for the use of iPhoneography in photo journalism is the 2009 Pulizer Prize winner Damon Winter, a staff photographer for the New York Times, who in 2010 won third place for feature picture story from Pictures of the Year International for his Hipstamatic photos of the war in Afghanistan.

The use of an iPhone camera for professional photos has not only become more and more accepted but thanks to the multitude of photo apps available from the App Store, the editing possibilities theses days are truly endless ! Here are some of my favorite photo editing apps for you: Camera+, Instagram, Hipstamatic and  Snapseed.

Last but not least, here is an example of an iPhoneography session, edited with Snapseed:



(images: bridgee for littlestarblog)