LEGO News – The LEGO Moleskine and ReBrick

Hello everyone, after experiencing some server troubles these past days, we are back today with two exciting pieces of Lego news ! Let me introduce you to ReBrick and the LEGO Moleskine.

ReBrick is LEGO’s newest baby, a social media platform where users can share and discuss user-created LEGO content online. So, if you are a LEGO fan or are just looking for new ideas to re-create together with your kids, ReBrick is the place to go ! All you have to do in order to use the site is sign up for a free LEGO ID and you are good to go – you can share content from a blog, from your Flickr, from YouTube channels, you can even share your creations with people on your other social networks in no time at all… It was about time, LEGO !

I am even happier about Moleskine’s newest collaboration with LEGO – the limited edition LEGO Moleskine, coming out March 14th. As a longtime fan of the legendary Moleskine notebooks, I am always on the lookout for new editions and after the Peanuts-inspired and the Star Wars-themed Moleskine, LEGO is next ! The notebook covers are debossed with a green LEGO screenprint, and each notebook has a LEGO plate embedded in it’s cover! The LEGO MOleskine also include LEGO-themed adhesive labels, a themed flyleaf,  a colored rear expandable pocket and colored ribbon placeholder – just perfect for anybode who just can’t get enough of LEGO !