JOOLZ Positive Design With A Green Conscience !

As you know, I am a big fan of new children’s designs but something I am really always looking for is any kind of sustainable, eco-friendly design ! Enter, Amsterdam-based firm Joolz and it’s Joolz Day Earth Collection. Founded by Joolz’ creative director Emile Kuenen in 2005, their products are truly inspired by nature.

Their stroller collection is available in unique, nature-inspired colors like Parrot blue, Turtle green, Elephant grey and Monkey maroon and each Joolz Day Earth stroller features a stylish brown leatherette handlebar and safety bar, black wheels and a silver chassis. It also comes complete with a chassis, cot, seat, shopping basket, rain cover, cup holder and a color matching nursery bag !

Joolz strollers not only perfectly represent an eclectic, urban style, their cardboard packaging has been carefully designed with a second, sustainable life in mind ! Every stroller and accessory box can be transformed into a practical and beautiful new product. The boxes come with directions for cutting out and building fun things like a lampshade, a birdhouse or a chair out of the cardboard packaging. How cool is that ?!

(images: joolz)




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