IKEA PS 2014 – Design For Kids On The Move !

Good morning all, April is finally here and I have have been looking forward to April 1st for weeks now… No, not because today is April Fool’s Day and I really enjoy pranking people but because today is the day when IKEA‘s shiny new PS Collection becomes available !!!

As you know, I love to buy design furniture for adults and repurpose it for children’s spaces. This way I not only have a much larger range of designs to choose from but I also like the fact that kids don’t out-grow these pieces, they grow with them. Few of us are born with a natural eye for interiors and design and just like everything else, an appreciation for art and design can and should be taught from a young age. A great piece of furniture can be with you for decades and I love to introduce Nick and Charlie to furniture designs they will love, use and re-use for years to come – which also serves as a lesson in sound investments and sustainability.

This year IKEA has really outdone itself and their IKEA PS 2014 On The Move Collection has way too many beautiful pieces to choose from… As in previous years, the collection is chock-full of amazing design goodies and ever since they unveiled it in March I have been getting ready to rush to the nearest IKEA and secure my favorite pieces ! 😉 If you are curious about what I will buy, let me show you my picks for kids’ rooms below…

LittlestarblogIkeaPS2014aLet me just say – how ingenious is this balancing bench ? I have been looking for a cool seating solution for our hallway for ages now and not only will it make putting on our shoes so much more FUN but since it also doubles as a balancing beam, I bet my kids will now race to put their shoes on (instead of making me chase after them…) ! 😉

LittlestarblogIkeaPS2014bThis simple yet colorful storage table is made out of four trays and I am pretty sure that if you buy two tables, you could stack it even higher… This would be just perfect for kids like mine, who have every available surface in their room covered with countless not-to-be-toched-by-mom lego project in various stages. This handy little table will make it possible to store everything safely and neatly out of sight for future completion. Thanks to IKEA my life has just gotten so much easier !!!

LittlestarblogIkeaPS2014cThis creative LED stool lamp can serve as a night stand, night light and reading lamp at the same time and would make every little book worm beyond happy  ! I am soooo buying two and just storing them away for future room make-overs (which at our house are always just around the corner….).

LittlestarblogIkeaPS2014dThis wardrobe is my favorite piece of this year’s IKEA PS collection and I can already  envision all the way I will be using it over the years !! It would be perfect for stowing away jackets and shoes in every hallway or mud room and would look amazing in any teenager’s room ! You can use the colorful tiles to create your own unique designs or just use it without them – it will look beautiful and clean either way ! The fun coat stand will keep your messy teen from throwing their clothes all over the floor – just park it in a corner of their room and I promise the clothes will magically find their way there…

LittlestarblogIkeaPS2014eMy next kids’ Urban Jungle Bloggers post is quickly approaching and this little greenhouse will be the perfect addition to my planed herb-planting adventure. 🙂 It will look pretty on our window sill and will make planting with Nick and Charlie that much more fun !

LittlestarblogIkeaPS2014fIKEA has finally added a really handy, plastic covered cotton fabric to their ever-growing fabric collection. I love the color, the geometric print, that you can cut it without having to sew a seam and most of all – I love that from now on every art project will be less messy and automatically have a stylish backdrop too! Now how about that ?!

ColourCheck: No info Per AMy not-so-secret IKEA PS 2014 crush is this eco-friendly pillow cover made from 100% Ramie… Hello, my name is Bridgee and Í have a pillow problem (as my poor, long-suffering husband will gladly attest to… lol) ! The fabric and color combination are simply divine, so forgive me if I just won’t be able to resist treating myself to it… also, did I already mention it’s eco-friendly ?! Always a great excuse !! 😉

Well, have fun shopping and I would love to hear about some of your favorites, Bridgee xx

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  1. Chedva says:

    Ooh, I love it! Especially the terrarium and that last pillow – so fun!