H&M For UNICEF – All For Children !

Dear fashion enthusiasts, quickly take out your calenders and mark Thursday, October 18 on them because at 10 a.m. local time, H&M’s annual All For Children Collection in collaboration with UNICEF will be available online and in selected stores around the world and it is simply FABULOUS !!! Take a look below for some of my favorite pieces !

The Swedish highstreet brand, one of my all-time-favorite children’s staples, is launching a special collection this year, featuring fun, yet exquisite fashion and playtime dress-up pieces for boys and girls. The collection is not only breathtakingly stylish and adorable at the same time, it also reflects H&M’s social consciousness !

In two collaborations with UNICEF,  H&M aims to protect the rights of more than 2 million children in cotton producing areas in India and Bangladesh by donating 25% of the sales price of their annual All For Children collection as well as additional donations, which together will amount to around 12.5 million US Dollars.

This year’s collection will help improve access to education and social protection and to raise awareness on children´s rights for about 1 million people in the poor areas of Dhaka, Bangladesh – with a focus on about 40,000 children who will be enrolled in play group learning, education and will also receive support to proceed to higher education !

For my part, I simply can never resist a good cause and full-on plan to do some serious damage to our family’s clothing budget this coming Thursday… Playing dress-up has never looked so good – and just in time for Halloween, too ! What’s not to love ?!

(images: h&m)

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