ZARA Kids !

This is the very first post on my brand new blog and I am so excited to share so many wonderful things with you from now on…

Today I want to introduce all of you, who have not had the chance to shop there yet, to one of my absolute favorite stores: ZARA. If you happen to love the style of Duchess Catherine (who is an avid ZARA shopper) and would like to occasionally dress your little ones like mini royals, take a look at their stylish yet affordable Kids Collection and the two adorable outfits that I put together for you.

If you have a girl between the ages of two and 14, this might be just the right outfit for her… and it only costs 62,95 Euros !


 1. Cable and Bobble Stitch Cardigan  2. Popeline Blouse  3. Snake Print Bag  4. Blue Chinos  5.  Patent Leather Blucher 

The picture below shows you what a classic style for your little lord might look like…

1. Herringbone Blazer  2. V-Neck Jumper  3. Corduroy Pans  4. Striped Neck Scarf  5. Leather Moccasins  6. Oxford Shirt