Happy First Blogiversary !!!

Today is a very special day for me – not only am I back  from my self-imposed holiday hiatus with tons of new material to blog about but today also happens to be Littlestarblog’s first blogiversary !!! I am so excited about this and can’t really believe how quickly a whole year has passed and how much my ambitious little blog has grown this past year – and I along with it…

Littlestarblog Blogiversary

Starting a blog of my own, something I had wanted to do for years, has been my biggest challenge in 2012 but also the best thing I have accomplished in a long time. Blogging really is a journey and I have learned so many new things about myself along the way but also thoroughly enjoyed the social aspect of it and all the wonderful people I was fortunate to meet online and offline !

Blogging takes up a lot of my free time and I want to use this special occasion to thank each and every person in my life who has supported me so far: my dearest husband who puts up with me working crazy hours while sometimes neglecting everything else and yet always encourages me to want more, all members of my family who are also my most avid readers and never fail to like every single one of my posts – even though they don’t really understand what it is that I am doing exactly, my two kids who patiently let mommy take a gazillion pictures of them and never complain, my friends who kindly indulge me whenever I have to take yet another Instagram picture at dinner or go and read my blog to support me, even if they are single, male, childless and not my target audience and last but not least I want to thank my fellow bloggerettes who have welcomed me into their fold and shown me how much fun and how inspiring it can be to be part of a community – THANK YOU ALL ! ♥

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  1. geraldine says:

    Congratulations Bridgee ! Looking forward to your future postings and also to seeing you in London soon xx