DIY Carnival Costumes For Kids !

The Carnival season is here and everybody knows the famous carnival in Rio de Janeiro , the Mardi Grass parades in New Orleans or the Venetian carnival in Italy but have you heard of the Cologne carnival and what they call the Fifth Season here in Germany ?

In Germany the carnival week starts on the Thursday before Ash Wednesday and many carnival parades are held on the weekend before and especially on Rose Monday (the day before Shrove Tuesday) and sometimes also on Shrove Tuesday.

This year’s Rose Monday (on February 20th) is fast approaching and to mark the occasion, my kids and I had a fun photo session with all our DIY carnival costumes of seasons past !

Starting on Monday, I will post one set of photos showing a different costume each day – so stay tuned and drop by every day to see a brand new carnival look for your little ones ! Here is a tiny sneak peek for you… 😉



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