Crowdfunding Meets Lucie Marshall !

Monday morning is here and instead of the usual Music Monday song, I’d like to share something a little bit different with you today !

At the recent Joolz Event, I had the pleasure of meeting the über-talented Tanya Neufeldt, who is not only an accomplished actress and singer but also a fellow mom blogger and aspiring author. Her blog which features quirky depictions of everyday life with a toddler has quickly won me over and become my newest must-read  – her posts just never fail to make me laugh out loud !

In my mind, I always picture Lucie, Tanya’s blog alter ego, as a skinnier, more glamorous but equally loveable mom-version of Bridget Jones – I am hooked and here is where you come in… Tanya is currently working on a book titled Lucie Marshall – how my boobs became food or the facts of motherhood, featuring  – who else – the hilarious Lucie !  Unfortunatly, this book might never see the light of day, if Tanya doesn’t reach her goal on the German crowd-funding site until December 14th !

Take a look at Tanya’s video sales pitch below and you will understand why I am writing this ! 🙂

Please, do me a favor – take a look at Tanya’s (German) Blog, laugh about Lucie’s newest adventures and then head over to Startnext and let’s all help her bring Lucie to life !

Thank you all and have a wonderful week !