Coming Soon – The Limited Edition Star Wars XBox 360 Console Bundle !

There is a new Star Wars must-have in town… On April 3rd, Microsoft will release it’s brand new Limited Edition Star Wars XBox 360 Console Bundle and gamers everywhere will rejoice !

The Xbox 360 Bundle will include a custom R2-D2-themed Xbox 360 console with custom sounds (when you press the power button or open the disk tray).

It comes with the first ever custom white Kinect Sensor and includes the Kinect Star Wars game, which also features C-3PO as an unlockable character for the game’s Dance Mode, as well as the Kinect Adventures game.

The bundle not only includes an Xbox 360 Wired Headset and Xbox LIVE Token for exclusive downloadable content, it also features a 320GB Hard Drive – the largest hard drive available on any Xbox 360 !

What more could my Star Wars-loving gamer heart wish for ?! If my son should see this ANYWHERE, I will be in so much trouble !!!