Child’ s Own Studio – Kids Drawings Turned Into Soft Toys !

Wendy Tsao, a crafty mom from Vancouver, British Columbia had one of the most ingenious ideas I have come across in recent years. She founded Child’ s Own Studio, a small business for which she turns your child unique drawings into a keepsake soft toy !

Aren’t these just lovely ? This is the perfect way to turn your kids favorite drawing into something they can touch and play with every day…

Wendy uses a a hypoallergenic fiberfill for the soft toys and all kinds of wonderful fabrics – she will choose just the right ones for your unique toy.  Once you place your order with her, she needs about six weeks to turn a drawing into a cuddly keepsake and the great thing is that she accepts international orders as well !

Bye the way, Wendy gets so many requests, she is currently looking for other crafty and talented people to help her expand her business. If you think you can do this, by all means contact her  – a lot of happy children will thank you !

Now only one question remains – how do I get my unwilling five year old to draw something that could be used ??? 😉

(images: child’s own studio)