Carnival 2013 – From Venice With Love !

The Carnival season is here and today I would like to share some last-minute costume inspiration with you ! Last Sunday I had a huge Carnival-themed photo shoot and here are some of the photos of my little dandy and mini-fashionista modeling some really unique Carnival outfits…

When it comes to my kids’ fashion I try to think outside the box and am always striving to appropriate “grown-up” styles for them in a child-friendly way. Every year I get really fed up with all the usual costume-suspects and carnival clichés, so this year I wanted to do something special and show you that there is a way to celebrate carnival in the most stylish and fashionable way imaginable !

From now until Thursday I will post new swoon-worthy costumes every day and hopefully you will be inspired to strive to be just a little bit different, wherever, whenever and in any way you can ! 😉


Isn’t Charlie’s H&M for UNICEF outfit adorable ? It kind of makes her look like a fluffy pink baby swan, a tiny ballerina and a grande dame all rolled into one… As you can see, she loved wearing it and had so much fun twirling around in front of the camera !


It really doesn’t take much more than a polished outfit and a great mask to put together a fabulous, yet different Carnival costume and Nick felt mysterious and dangerous with his Venetian mask on – truth be told… it was hard to get him to stop wearing it, while Charlie preferred to just hold hers. KIDS !  😉


This picture is proof – pearls look good with anything, on anyone, at any age !!! And the best thing yet – they managed to survive the photo shoot !


Stay tuned for tomorrow’s costumes and in case you are planning a Carnival party – why not pull out your fanciest clothes and give it just a touch of Venice !?

(images: bridgee for littlestarblog)

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  1. Dani says:

    I love that vintage look! And your kids are just so cuuuuuuute!

  2. Magda says:

    Your kids are lovely! Very nice pictures, little gentleman and lovely lady!


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