Cardboard Furniture And Toys for Kids !

I am a big fan of eco-friendly products for kids and today I want to show you five of my favorite green designs for a child’s room..

1. Kidsonroof Cocorico Cooker: This lovely little stove from Designer Elisabeth Vidal for Dutch company Kidsonroof is made out of recycled cardboard and would make any budding chef very happy !

2. Green Lullaby Eco Cradle: This cardboard cradle is 100% recyclable, fun to customize, easy to assemble in just seconds and without any tools and even complies with European safety standard certificates for baby beds. It has just the right height to place it next to mom and dad’s bed and would make a cozy little bed for baby’s first few months. Once your little one out-grows it, you can just store it away for the time when it will become the most perfect doll bed !

3. Little Play Spaces French Cafe: Let your children’s imagination roam freely with this gorgeous play cafe. Let them imagine being in Paris or they could just use it as their own little private space… This beauty comes with a menu chalkboard on the outside and I am sure it would be a great success in any playroom !

4. Kidsonroof Rocket: Why should your aspiring little astronaut only dream about flying into space, when we all know that only practice makes perfect ?! In this fun and customizable cardboard rocket he or she can take off tomorrow !

5. Kidsonroof MobileHome white: This is an adorable alternative to your classic dollhouse. Available form Kidsonroof in different colors and styles and made out of cardboard , it encourages kids to think outside the proverbial box !