Brinca Dada News – The Edward House !

Do you remember the old, pink plastic dollhouse of your childhood, which back then seemed like a dream come true ? Well, that was yesterday’s dream and today’s is Brinca Dada ! Their sleek, stylish and modern wooden dollhouses perfectly reflect some of the best contemporary architecture trends and appeal to all parents who not only choose clean, modern interiors for their own homes but would like to pass this on to their offspring early on.

As it happens, Brinca Dada has just released their newest masterpiece – the Edward House, which just like a real house, showcases architectural features like a cut stone fireplace, glass corners and hardwood floors. It features an open floor plan with floor-to-ceiling windows and six perfectly cut rooms (a living room, kitchen, library/office, master bedroom, bathroom and child’s bedroom).

This would not only be a jaw-dropping addition to any child’s room, it would be it’s centerpiece !  To add to it’s sheer perfection, the Edward House is also green, since it is built wit eco-fiendly woods only and finished with non-toxic and lead-free paints.

Finally, such a unique dollhouse is very much in need of eclectic miniature furniture and luckily for you, Brinca Dada has though of that and also manufactures sets of the most gorgeous miniature furnishings imaginable…