Breakfast At Tiffany’s – About Love, Single Gals And Photography !

Happy Valentine’s Day my lovelies ! The most dreaded, commercialised day of the year is here and just in case you don’t have that special someone to celebrate or boycott it with, here is what to do…

A loooong, very long time ago, in my half-forgotten days as a single gal, I used to do what I’m sure many of you have done at least once or twice on Valentine’s Day – slip into my ugliest, most beloved jammies, curl up with a cozy blanket on the sofa, eat a pint of ice cream straight out of the box and watch my favorite romantic movie, Breakfast At Tiffany’syes, those were the days and sometimes I do remember them fondly… 😉

These days I have a husband, two children and a puppy to take care of and to be honest, I’m just too busy and tired to really buy into the whole Valentine’s Day craziness any longer – instead we like to say that at our house every day is Valentine’s Day and every day we we do our very best to keep that special bond and the romance alive – because in the end, there is nothing more important in life than a love-filled home ! Don’t you agree ?

As for what happened to Breakfast at Tiffany’s, it’s still one of my favorite movies of all times and this year I made it mine in a whole new way by using it as an inspiration for a children’s fashion shoot… Take a look ! 🙂



(images: bridgee for littlestarblog)

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  1. Emma says:

    wird immer einer meiner Lieblingsfilme bleiben…sooooo schön..hach..ich hol den gleich mal wieder raus…:) bis hoffentlich ganz ganz bald..fühl dich feste gedrückt….emma