Balloon Dogs Controversy !

A funny thing happened today – I had been planning for some time to write a post about the cute and stylish Balloon Dog Bookends by Toronto company Imm-Living, which are sold at the SFMOMA Museum Store, when I stumbled over a hilarious little balloon dog controversy, while doing my research…

I just happened to come across an article from the Art & Design section of the New York Times about Jeff Koons and the poor Ballon Dog Bookends… Apparently the artist Jeff Koons, who is famous for appropriating banal objects (such as in this case balloon animals) has sent a cease-and-desist letter to Imm-Living because he thinks he owns the rights to ballon animal art… Craaaazy, right ?!

Well, I still like them, no matter who designed them first and think they would be an adorable addition to a child’s room !