Back To School With Jungle by Jungle – A Cool French Design Desk For Kids !

As I keep telling you, September is one of my favorite months of the year and one of the main reasons for that is SCHOOL (yes, you guessed right – I was a total and complete nerd, back in the day…) ! And to continue my nerdy ways, I am showing you the most perfect little kids desk today – back to school has never looked so cool !! 🙂

LittlestarblogJungleByJungleMyLittlePupitreThe creative minds behind the new children’s furniture brand Jungle by Jungle are French longtime-friends  Sabrina Colas and Franck Pirotais who have recently teamed up to produce My Little Pupitre. Their beautiful, clean line of desks and matching stools for kids age 3 to 6 is built to last and be passed one to future generations and every one of their pieces is made in France, with an eye for traditional craftsmanship and quality.

LittlestarblogJungleByJungleMyLittlePupitre1If you have been reading my blog for a while then you might have noticed that I am simply addicted to sustainable designs… It makes me really happy to be able to say that Jungle by Jungle uses only wood that was grown using Sustainable Forest Management  – which means that you can indulge your little student at home without a guilty conscience !

LittlestarblogJungleByJungleMyLittlePupitre2Their collection is manufactured in only small quantities and is thus highly customizable. You can mix and match different kinds of wood (like oak and walnut) or contact Jungle by Jungle directly to place a custom order.

LittlestarblogJungleByJungleMyLittlePupitre3Now all I need to do is finally move again, so I can redecorate and shop for new furniture for my little tots – not that I really need an excuse though… 😉

Have a lovely day, Bridgee xx

PS: If you don’t speak French, then you can order in English here !

(images: jungle by jungle)