A Very Star Wars Father’s Day !

With Father’s Day 2012 right around the corner in over 70 countries around the globe, why not surprise the Star Wars loving dad in your life with a gift he would have never anticipated: Darth Vader™ and Son !

This truly sweet and funny comic book by renown artist Jeffrey Brown shows the Darth Vader all Star Wars fans love to hate in a completely new role – as a loving dad to a young Luke Skywalker. Can you imagine the Dark Lord of the Sith having to face the universal joys and frustrations of parenthood ?  Well – we can now and it is simply hilarious !

This comedy gold twist on a very familiar story is available directly from it’s publisher, Chronicle Books. Take a look at the teaser below and don’t hesitate – Father’s Day is only five short days away !!!


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  2. […] Because he put up with you doing this. Via Littlestarblog […]