A Mom Goes On Strike !

This is something for all my fellow moms out there, who  – I am sure of it – have at some point considered just going on strike !

I don’t mean to diss the dads but let’s face it, it’s us moms who keep the ball rolling every single day of the week. We cook, we clean, we do the laundry, we shop for groceries and clothes, we take care of the pets, drive the kids to doctor appointments and various hobbies, suffer through countless play dates with mom bullies… just to name a few of our daily chores. Every mom is really a nanny, housekeeper, cleaning lady, cook, personal shopper, hair dresser, dog walker, chauffeur, secretary all rolled into one and we can just never. catch. a. break. !

Well, if you have ever wondered what would happen if you really just went on strike, took a vacation without your loved ones or simply allowed yourself a sick day or two… read on…

Jessica Stilwell, a Canadian mom of three girls has done what so many of us have only dared to fantasize about – she recently went on a strike within the home and lived to blog about it ! For six days straight she simply refused to lift a single finger in the house and the results were exactly what you would expect – chaos and anarchy ! 😉

To say that I have laughed tears reading her posts would be an understatement and she has inspired me to rethink the million little things I do for my kids every day… I came to the conclusion that it’s really not too much for the kids to do simple chores around the house like setting the table,  putting their plates and cups in the dishwasher after each meal or throwing their dirty clothes in the laundry basket instead of on the floor… These are really simple things that even a three year old can do and it’s our responsibility as moms to teach our kids to be self-sufficient – to me this is just one more step in the right direction !

Thank you Jessica !!!